Fishing Times:
Summer: 8.00 am – 17.00pm
Winter: 8.00 am – 16.00pm

(No day tickets sold after 11.00am)

Day tickets use your own landing net.

Match anglers please provide at least three keep nets and a landing net of your own.


Beastie - 31 pegs

Lou’s - 15 pegs

Damson - 26 pegs

Oak - 30 pegs

6 Islands - 25 pegs

Horseshoe - 20 pegs

Elm - 24 pegs

4 Islands - 10 pegs

Willows - 35 pegs

Cedar - 26 pegs

Yew - 30 pegs

Fishery Regulations
  • Strictly barbless hooks only, Hook checks will be carried out and anyone found using a barbed hook will be asked to leave the site.

  • Maximum size 12 hook.

  • Maximum 50lb of fish in each keep net

  • Only one rod/pole to be used at one time

  • All day tickets are to have landing net only

  • Maximum 16-meter pole

  • All fish must be netted. No swinging in of fish at any time.

  • No silk braid or dacron

  • The only method feeders to be used are flat bed type

  • No cupping of ground bait only in feeders

  • Minimum 12” of line between pole tip and top of float

  • Minimum 12” of line from bottom of the float to the hook

  • All pole rigs must have a fixed float, No floating poles

  • No feeders can be fished on the pole

  • Fishing from platforms only

  • No Gardening

  • Please take all your litter home or use bins provided, No bait to be thrown on the bank at the end of a match

  • Strictly no pets allowed

  • Vehicles left at owner’s risk

  • Cars to be parked in car parks

  • The company accepts no responsibility for loss or damage to fishing tackle left unattended

  • No Meats except Cat Meat

  • No Boilies, Nuts, Bloodworm or Joker

  • No Sticky Mag surface baits

  • No Bread

  • Ground bait to be used in feeders only.

  • No artificial baits including plastic sweetcorn.

  • We have a bait shop with fresh maggots and pellets. We also have a café open every Saturday & Sunday morning or any other time if booked in advance for breakfasts and barbeques call Andy on 07981743215
  • ANY ACCIDENT OR INJURY that takes place on the fishery, (No Matter How Small) must be reported to a member of staff on the day of the accident and logged in the accident book.
  • Any person caught stealing will be Prosecuted


Thank you for caring for our fishery.

We look forward to seeing you soon.